leila hoseini

Saturday, April 17, 2021 فارسی

Name: leila hoseini
Department: Humanities
Faculty: Accounting
Academic Rank: Assistant Professor
Email: l . h o s e i n i @ i a u r a m s a r . a c . i r


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Publication Date 
Expandorganizational commitment and job satisfaction of employees of electricity companiess.l. hosseinitabaghdehi, Abbas zamani3/3/2011
Expandproductivity management and overall economic development in countriesseyyedeh leila hosseinitabaghdehi6/3/2011
ExpandAnalysis of educational effects on imports of goods and non-teaching educational sectors countrys.l.hosseinitabaghdehi, Abbas zamani6/8/2011
ExpandRate of economic participation and employment, Gender segregations.l.hosseinitabaghdehi, Abbas zamani8/3/2011
Expandthe effect of trainning in the management of new technologys.l.hosseinitabaghdehi, Abbas zamani8/8/2011
ExpandTechnological progress and productivity of the enterprise systemsseyyedeh leila hosseini tabaghdehi10/5/2011
Expandexplaining and designing model of the intellectual capital management enablersseyedeh leila hosseini tabaghdehi, mohammad salehi, javad khalatbari3/3/2012
Expandintellectual capital management in the organization of the third millenuimmseyedeh leila hosseini tabaghdehi3/11/2012
ExpandRelationship between transformational leadership styles with psychological empowerment syed leila hosseini tabaghdehi, javad khalatbari3/3/2013
ExpandRelationship between transformational leadership styles with self- determination of employeessyed leila hosseini tabaghdehi, javad khalatbari6/9/2013
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